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Our goal is to provide the most technology-advanced and innovative solutions in Oil&Gas industry. Our knowledge, experience and location allow us to offer a variety of high-tech services for an affordable price.

Providing optimal technological solutions

Developing optimal technological solutions with target to improve energy effeciency, energy consupmtion and increase productivuty.

Trainings and Workshops for Aspen HYSIS

We provide professional courses and training for engineering personnel on using Aspen HYSYS simulation software

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Financial Analysis for Technical Projects

Production Assessment

Financial Analysis for Oil&Gas Technology Projects with solutions comparison and ROE analysis. Developing recommendations for improving project performance.

Assessing oil refineries and gas processing plants for weak spots and bottlenecks in production. Developing solutions for optimising technological schemes and working modes.

Simulation models for processing plants created with Aspen HYSIS simulation software

We have new offer for gas and oil processing plants - creation of units simulation models made with Aspen HYSYS simulation software with following benefits to engineering personnel: 


  • Improve understanding of general plant theory and concepts;

  • Increased knowledge of how the plant works and interacts;

  • Train engineering personnel on gas or oil processing units technology 


It also can be used to:

  • Optimize facility operations through finding bottlnecks and their further optimisation;

  • 100 % safe way to try different operating modes on processing unit 

How it works:
- You provide us with necessary information about your processing unit.
- Model will be ready in two weeks.
- Short learning course will be provided with each model. We also can arrange a visit to your faciltiy to set up the model and answer the questions on its usage.